What are the most sought-after IT jobs?

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More and more students and professionals are interested in a career in IT. But before specializing, it is necessary to know which jobs are most sought after by companies. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most sought-after IT jobs.

Which IT jobs are the most sought after and in demand today?

Before choosing a computer engineering school, you should find out what jobs are most in demand today. To help you, we have selected the most sought-after IT jobs.

Full stack developer

His mission is very varied: website design, development or programming. To earn up to 28K€ per year, you must have a degree from an engineering school or a Master’s specialized in computer science.

Video game developer

He creates the game engine and programs the interfaces according to the specifications made by the project manager. An engineering degree with a computer science option or a professional master’s degree is required to earn between €2,000 and €3,000 gross.

React developer (front end)

It improves the user experience by acting on the interface and the content of the application. An engineering school education in computer science is required to receive €3,500 to €5,000.

Data Scientists

It is an expert analyst in statistics and mathematics who manages and analyzes raw data in real time. To become a Data Scientist, a business or management school education is required. This professional earns an average of 58 000€ gross per year.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

The artificial intelligence engineer creates complex computer programs. To exercise this profession, a training in computer math is required, with an engineering degree or a master’s degree. His annual salary varies from 25 000 € to 30 000 €.

Cyber Security Engineer

The cybersecurity engineer ensures the security of a company’s information systems. He/she must be a graduate of an engineering school and hold a master’s degree with a computer security option. He can earn between 38 000 € and 45 000 € per year.

DevOps Engineer

He manages the software development process in place, taking into account the challenges of deployment on different environments. A high level of qualification is required to earn €36,000 to €50,000 gross per year.

IT Architect

The computer architect designs or adapts the structure of operating systems. A specialized master’s degree and at least 5 years of experience is required to earn between €30,000 gross and €60,000 per year.

IT Project Manager

The IT project manager translates the needs of his clients into IT solutions. This position requires a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience. His salary varies between 40 000 € and 60 000 € gross per year.

Mobile Developer

He participates in the design of mobile applications, taking into account all the constraints related to the mobile tool and user behavior. A degree in engineering or a specialization in multi-media IT development are required to earn €30,000 to €45,000 gross per year.

What are the different job families in IT?

The IT sector is very broad and has several outlets. The professions are grouped into families: administrator, architect, IT project manager, information systems consultant, IT developer, IT security expert, IT trainer, IT asset manager, industrial IT specialist, engineer and technician.

What are the IT jobs that recruit at the baccalaureate or bac+3 level?

The most technical jobs require a 2 or 3 year degree. This is the case of the infrastructure technician, the network administrator, the operations analyst and the hotline supervisor.

The infrastructure technician must master security standards and procedures. The network administrator must ensure the proper functioning and quality of the company’s network. The operations analyst monitors the dashboards and adapts the system to current developments. Finally, the hotline supervisor manages a technical support team and ensures the quality of service provided to customers.

What are the IT jobs that require a 5-year degree?

The IT professions recruiting at the level of baccalaureate +5 are very technical professions with a high level of responsibility. We have in particular the technical web project manager, who must take in hand a project while following to the letter the specifications of the customer. The research and development engineer in computer science deals with the global issues of a company. As for the cloud specialist, it must ensure data security which is a special issue for companies. Finally, the cybersecurity expert takes care of evacuating the constant pressure of external vulnerabilities and attacks.

How to train for the most sought-after jobs in IT?

Training in the most sought-after IT professions is the first step to follow, whether you are a new bachelor or a professional in full reconversion. At ECE, we offer various trainings in cybersecurity, development or DATA. At the end of your course, you will be able to enter the professional world.

Updated 2 January 2024