How to become a computer engineer?

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After graduating from high school, you don’t know what path to take to become a computer engineer. Your future depends on it, which is why you need to choose a training center that is adapted to this digital field. The ideal is to use an engineering school or a university. Once you have chosen your course of study, you are sure to find an interesting position corresponding to this field. A computer engineer is a profile sought after by companies, which generally implies an interesting salary.

What is the role of a computer engineer?

Being a computer engineer requires a certain level of competence to be able to carry out your missions. As an expert in software development, he is responsible for :

  • develop a draft software to present to the company: explain the qualities of this product, what it is able to achieve to reach the set objective;
  • create a software with a powerful architecture;
  • after validation by his superior, he is required to code the application;
  • perform tests to approve the program before it is launched and executed;
  • correct the tests ;
  • Develop documentation that will explain to users how the application works and its benefits.

Which baccalaureate to do to become a computer engineer?

There are three types of baccalaureate degrees that allow you to follow your path to becoming a computer engineer:

  • A scientific baccalaureate can help you enter engineering schools;
  • a STI2D baccalaureate with the options Electronic Engineering or Electrical Engineering;
  • a STG baccalaureate with the option of computerized management.

The latter two require a Bac+2 before being able to to study in an engineering school or or a university.

What are the possible jobs after a computer engineering degree?

A computer engineer can work in a wide range of fields in the computer industry. There are many positions available upon graduation.

Cybersecurity Engineer

A computer security engineer is responsible for analyzing and eliminating intrusion threats to the company’s computer system. It establishes action plans to ensure the security of computer systems. Indeed, it must detect the faults on the internal and external networks, if there are any. If hackers try to destroy the company’s network architecture, it will have to find an effective solution quickly.

Network Engineer

After the training, you can become a network engineer. Here are the different tasks you will be assigned:

  • monitoring of all the company’s telecommunications networks, i.e. telephony, internet and intranet;
  • observation of network performance, organization of procedures ;
  • anticipation of the company’s IT needs in collaboration with the network managers. These provide information on performance decreases or other malfunctions;
  • if you work in a large company, you may have a dual role as a system and network engineer.

Development engineer

A development engineer can have several names: application support architect, programmer analyst, designer, computer engineer, design and development engineer. Its main role is to ensure compliance with the software architecture model. Its missions vary according to the company’s structure.

What qualities should a computer engineer possess?

To be a professional software engineer, it is essential to have these various qualities:

  • a perfect sense of listening and communication;
  • excellent adaptability;
  • Ability to manage a team within the framework of a project;
  • rigorous, curious and methodical;
  • English language skills are also an important asset.

Which training to follow at the ECE to become a computer engineer?

If you are planning to become a computer engineer , ECE can perfectly help you, coach you to reach your goal. We offer different training programs adapted to this profession.

Information Systems and Cybersecurity Major Program

We are one of the major schools that offer students a stable situation in the world of IT. So, follow our Information Systems and Defensive Cybersecurity Major program to become the best computer engineer. This training lasts 2 years and is dedicated to students in the2nd and3rd year. In thesecond year, you will benefit from a course that will enable you to be competent in the creation and management of information systems.

Msc Cybersecurity Manager

It is a simple training in which you can become an engineer without having to carry this title. However, our training will allow you to obtain positions of responsibility and thus receive an interesting salary.

Updated 2 January 2024