What language should I learn to be a web developer?

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You have chosen to pursue your career in the field of digitalization? Is the language to learn to be a web developer still a mystery to you? All you need to do is to take web development courses, as it all depends on the type of web developer you want to become. Through training, you get all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this industry.

What programming language should I learn to start as a web developer?

Whatever status you choose, it is important to master many programming languages. This learning process takes time, especially if you are new to web development.

Python, a versatile language ideal for beginners

Python is a particular language that has evolved rapidly. According to Stack Overflow’s 2021 study, it is highly sought after. Every developer wants to learn it. The mastery of this programming represents an asset for the future career of a beginner. If you are comfortable with Python, you can use it as a tool for organizing, processing and visualizing data.

JavaScript, perfect for web development

JavaScript or JS is useful to improve the interactivity of web applications. Most sites use it. It can be applied for both client and server side development. It is interesting for freelancers because it allows them to get more projects. With this skill, you will easily find work since you will have the profile of a front-end and back-endweb developer.

In addition, most companies are still hiring developers who are proficient in JS. This choice is explained by the fact that JavaScript is robust. The systems are retained even after 5 years of use. As a result, frameworks based on this language are very popular. So, if you have experience in this field, you can get a higher salary.

Do you have to learn the Ruby programming language to be a web developer?

Ruby sometimes tends to be confused with the Python language. This makes it one of the easiest languages for novice web developers to read. This is why it is recommended for those who want to become a web developer.

Moreover, this language is becoming more and more sought after. There are several websites created from Ruby such as Airbnb, Hulu and Soundcloud. Also, this programming is currently home to a very active community of developers, which is really a positive point for beginners.

Do I need to learn PHP to become a web developer?

PHP, or Personal Home Page, is also called Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server-side scripting language dedicated mainly to the development of static and dynamic websites. But he can also develop web applications.

Although PHP is frowned upon by some developers because of its security, it is among the best programming languages. Thus, it is very coveted since it is the language from which the most used CMS in the world are created. In other words, PHP is a dynamic scripting language that helps you design a web application. It should also be noted that it is an interesting programming since the majority of the internet works on this language. WordPress is the proof, this very famous software is created in PHP.

In addition, PHP has a framework with an elegant syntax, like Laravel. This one is very powerful and allows to quickly design Web applications. So, if you want to become a good PHP developer, it is essential to learn SQL. When you develop a PHP application, you connect to a database. SQL provides a structured language perfect for working with PHP.

Are Java and JavaScript programming languages the same?

These two programs have some differences. On the one hand, Java is an object-oriented programming language. The code is stored in several modules that interact with each other. It allows you to develop applications that are activated in a browser or a Java virtual device through compilation. On the other hand, JavaScript is a procedural language, you just have to write a sequence of instructions. Currently, you can use it in an object-oriented way.

Which training to follow at ECE to learn programming languages and become a web developer?

ECE, engineering school specialized in digital and technology offers you the best training to become a professional in the world of digitalization. Thus, you will learn the ideal language to be a web developer.

Bachelor in Web and Mobile Development at ECE

Ergonomics and safety standards are emphasized in the Bachelor’s degree in Application Design and Development. Thus, students learn the use of programming languages adapted to the development of an application according to the client’s expectations. You also get training in testing and production of web applications and applications for mobile devices.

h3 : Bachelor in Security Development at ECE

Cybersecurity is currently a crucial point to master in web development training. This is a skill that is highly sought after by companies. Securing information systems, software and applications is one of the missions of a web developer. It is therefore required to find appropriate solutions if a cyber attack threatens the company. Security developer aims to train professionals in computer science and information systems with a perfect know-how in terms of security. In this way, the student has skills that meet the needs of companies.

Updated 2 January 2024