A professionalizing association

The JEECE association, also known as Junior-Enterprise, is one of the oldest associations of the school with more than 37 years of existence.

The main objective of the JEECE is to allow ECE students to develop their professional skills and gain experience through concrete projects with companies. JEECE connects members of the association with clients (individuals, startups, SMEs or large groups) who have a need in the fields of product design, IT or electronics.

JEECE’s administrators provide volunteer supervision and monitoring of the mission to ensure that the student worker is working in a healthy environment.

What are the projects?

As a Junior Enterprise, JEECE engages in consulting projects for external clients, ranging from large corporations to start-ups to SMEs. These projects cover a wide range of fields such as software development, production engineering,…

JEECE members work in teams to complete these projects and are supervised by professionals to ensure the quality of their work.

JEECE also offers trainings and workshops to help members improve their professional skills, including project management, presentation and communication skills.

In addition, JEECE regularly organizes events to facilitate networking among members, providing additional opportunities for ECE students to develop their skills and strengthen their network.

A valued experience

The experience of joining JEECE is highly valued by employers, as it allows members to develop high-level practical and professional skills.

By working on real-world projects for clients, JEECE members can gain valuable experience in their field of study and develop their understanding of industry challenges and opportunities.

The association is also an opportunity for members to connect with industry professionals, which can open doors for future career opportunities.

Updated 23 May 2023