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Testimony from Rishi Ranka, an Indian student at ECE Paris


I have chosen to study engineering in France because it is one of the leading countries for novel technologies.


Apart from this,  I wanted to learn to accommodate or rather adapt myself  into a completely new culture where the language and people  are different. ECE is one of the most renowned schools in France and has a numerable amount of corporate contacts with all the leading companies in the world. The Master’s degree in ECE does match my expectations:  the teaching staff is nice along with some good lab work and practical knowledge to embed.


Deviating to the student life in Paris – It is real international experience here working with so many multinational students.


The student life in Paris is a boon due to some very good concessions for students like travelling , eating etc .. In Addition to that, the French friends are really helpful. I hope more people get attracted to France (ECE) for their further education as there are lots and lots of opportunities here to excel your career.

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