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Horses, family passion of Baron Larousain



Lorousain Olivier Chebrou de Lespinats, aristocrat, historian, writer and alumni of ECE, is an aficionado of equestrianism.

He was a county counselor for eighteen years, now he counsels some French ministries. Besides, he is a specialist in public administration of communities, passionate about the Empire and military history. Additionally, this man is recognized as a writer and an equestrian historian.


“I am a man of tradition, I feel comfortable with my past, I am very proud of my family and of my country” says Olivier Chebrou de Lespinats.


He has a deep knowledge of the French tradition; he is a real Baron, heir of a family given with a title of nobility by Napoleon III.

He owes his passion for equestrian writing from the family tradition, “ I have acquired it from the strong implication of my ancestors in equestrianism, particularly Antonin Chebrou” he explains   “During the government of  Napoleon I, he was named director of the Pompadur  and Pin stud farms, then he became general inspector of stud farms.  It has been a long time that he is recognized as co-creator with his older brother, the Count Gabriel Bonneval, of the Anglo-Arabic race”.  The Baron honors all the men of the equestrian world of the Empire, forgotten nowadays.  Since 1997, he has published several texts on the subject.

“In my next book that will be edited in one thousand pages, I talk about the men of the equestrian world during the second Empire aiming to honor them” says Olivier Chebrou de Lespinats.

“To be member of an equestrian order in the XXI century means flourishing in three dimensions: equestrian, spiritual and charitable” concludes Olivier Chebrou de Lespinats.


Summary of the article published by Ouest France ( 20/12/2011)

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