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Benjamin Bouju, « Unfalsifiable Identity »



This Alumni of ECE class of 2010 is currently an Electronics engineer at Morpho ( Branch of the Safran group) where he develops antifraud software solutions for biometric identification.


When Mopho persuaded the Indian government to do a census by collecting fingerprints of the population, Benjamin trained the Indian buyers for the utilization of biometric capturers. Despite his young age of 24, he did an impressive job that was very appreciated by his employer.


Benjamin went to India (Delhi, Bangalore and Jaipur) to assist the Indian authorities in the tool rollout. By biometrically scanning fingerprints, each inhabitant would have a unique identification number. “This data will avoid fraud risks in bank account openings and in welfare payments” he says.

Science Fiction

Benjamin has started to develop image scanning software in C and C# programming languages which enable captors to code data from fingers. Today, he works in the after-sales service in Paris to counsel Indians and when necessary to send their requests to the product development department.


He has chosen his job because of its science fiction side, “With our body, we can now be identified: open a door with an iris reading, pay with a thumb” he explains. On the other hand, Benjamin Boujou also likes to communicate with his international customers. He has been trained to deal respectfully in social encounters within the Indian Culture.

He also works in developing biometric captors, for example: a more compact fingerprint scan. Engineers at Morpho develop captor’s materials, he explains “ I develop the data acquisition tool. I have to test it, respect the regulations regarding writing formats and develop the necessary anti-fraud technologies”. He adds that the number one enemy is fraud: The imagination of people willing to cut off a finger is persistent. Benjamin is currently working on a system capable of scanning the veins inside the finger to fight against such practices.


Summary from the article published by G.M. in “La Recherche” (01/01/2012)

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