Presentation of a committed association

The association UPA (Unis Pour Agir) of the ECE is a committed and solidary student organization whose objective is to make students aware of current social and environmental issues. Composed of motivated students who are aware of the challenges facing our society, the UPA association organizes events and projects that aim to promote civic engagement and solidarity.

Their missions.

It includes international humanitarian missions, participation and organization of marauding, and many other events!

Some examples:

  • Every month, UPA organizes a marauding event, which means that food and water are distributed to the most needy.
  • Each year, UPA accompanies students on humanitarian missions. Last year, they took place in Madagascar and Cambodia.
  • 7 students went to Madagascar where they participated in the construction of a college and a health center, helping to build bricks. They also introduced the children to new activities and gave French lessons.
  • Other students went to Cambodia where they were to teach French or English to the village children. They also helped the inhabitants with their daily tasks such as painting, repairing fences or creating a vegetable garden.

A committed experience

The Unis Pour Agir association offers ECE students a dynamic and supportive community that promotes exchange and collaboration between members. They provide opportunities to meet and share experiences with other committed students, creating a stimulating and enriching environment for all members.

Updated 25 May 2023