Engineering Cycle (Bac+4) – Connected Objects, Networks & Services Major

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Things have always had a story to share. Only poets knew how to tell them. Today, engineers know how to make them communicate and create value from their interactions.

‘Jacques ROSSARD’

‘Head of the Connected Objects, Networks & Services Major’

When the object becomes a service

While access to broadband Internet, fixed or mobile, has become widespread and the cost of connections is falling as a result of competition, the center of gravity of the telecom economy has shifted to the manufacturers of connected terminals and to the services sector. In recent years, connected objects have proliferated with the promise of changing the consumer’s daily life.

The Internet of Things is now used in many fields such as wearables, connected cars, smart homes, smart cities, digital payments, etc. The mountains of data accumulated by all these connected objects create value. By associating to the object an intelligence deported in the cloud, we make possible an economic model linked to its use and the object becomes a service.

The objectives of the training

  • Understand user needs using specific tools and approaches
  • Discover a product environment using 3D tools, prototyping platforms and production machines
  • Master all the main aspects of an information system
  • Opening up to quantum technologies, particularly with quantum computing


In order to design these services, it is necessary to acquire a global vision. It starts with a reflection on the use in an approach that is similar to that of the designer. It ends with the knowledge of the market and the analysis of the value chain of the connected service. Between the two are technical skills whose variety will be the asset of the Engineer from the Connected Objects, Networks and Services major. As a common thread, he will gain skills in Internet and radio network technologies. The first semester is more specifically focused on the connected object and its rapid prototyping. The second semester focuses on web and mobile programming. The third seminar deals more specifically with the services and platform architectures dimension, while two seminars synthesize the results by developing an innovative service in “design thinking” mode.

  • Fullstack web technologies
  • Prototyping platforms
  • IoT
  • UX design
  • Quantum computing
  • New generation networks
  • Mobile programming
  • New generation HMI

Discover the training in pictures

Focus on Jacques ROSSARD, Head of the Connected Objects, Networks & Services Major

A generalist engineer with a double skill in management, he has twenty years of experience in various engineering professions (product development, pre-sales, management, startup manager). He is interested in IoT, digital services, innovation and the social economy.

Some examples of opportunities

  • Innovation project manager
  • Service designer
  • Convergent Solutions Architect
  • Mobile application developer

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Updated 9 May 2022