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Summer school 2019 à l'ECE !



Cet été dans le cadre de la summer school, l’ECE a accueilli 78 étudiants internationaux pendant 4 semaines.



Plusieurs universités partenaires étaient représentées durant ce séjour : TEC au Mexique, Centennial College au Canada, RMIT en Australie, IT University of Copenhagen au Danemark et Zilina University en Slovaquie.



Trois cours étaient au programme cette année :

  • Responsive and Scalable Web Applications,
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality in our Society
  • Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energies



Durant cette summer school, les étudiants ont également eu l’opportunité de visiter des entreprises telles que Capgemini, la station géothermique de Villejuif et l’éco-quartier de Clichy-Batignolles.

Les étudiants en ont également profiter pour découvrir la ville de Paris au travers des musées : la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, le Musée Fragonard et l’Assemblée Nationale.




Le séjour fut très apprécié par ces étudiants venus des quatre coins du monde comme le prouvent leurs témoignages :



Maximiliano Montoya / TEC Mexique

“The reason I choose this summer program was for the academic value that it represents to the field that I’m studying. I’m currently doing a mayor in sustainable development engineering and the summer course of energy efficiency is an amazing addition to the studies that I’m currently working on, and coming to study to Paris was an experience like taken from a movie. 
The thing that I like most about the program are the professors, the three that I took classes with were amazing and they have an amazing background on their field of study which made the classes really interesting. 
Definitely I gained the experience of studying in Paris and getting into what is like to get involve in the renewable energies field in France. 
I would recommend this program due to the experience and the amazing and well-prepared professors they have for every class. 
My favorite things to do in Paris are going to the local bakeries twice a week to get a sweet treat, have a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop, visit the lovely parks, take a stroll around Paris streets, hangout near the river banks of the Seine, and take amazing pictures for my Instagram account!”





Cédric Routhier Holloway / Centennial College Toronto, Canada

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been something that has interested me for a while now as I see the potential it might have in the future. I have however never been able to (until this summer course) interact with VR and AR applications/peripherals. This program has not only taught me how to use and how VR/AR applications work but also the business aspect to it. A lot, I now have basic understanding of VR and AR technology, how it works and how it can be applied in the real world. I would recommend this program because of all the different sections that you learn about VR/AR via this program, it is not focused on just  one aspect but rather a few and how they all interact together. By far the catacombes, it is such a different experience from all other activities that you can do in Paris. I also enjoyed Les Jardins de Versailles as it is quite a breathtaking view.”






Carolina Barrios / TEC Mexique


“I chose this program because the courses were interesting, in this case energies, which was a very complete program, from resources to efficiency. I like that our professors have a lot of knowledge and they are teaching us things I did not know. I have learned from this course an international experience with French professionals, a networking of people with the same passion and new knowledge about renewable energies. I will recommend this program since it fits in any engineering and that is an important topic for the future of energy consumption. My favorite things to do in Paris are to eat crepes, onion soup, go to all museums and parks and sightseeing the city from river banks.”







Emily Sherret / Centennial College Toronto, Canada

“I chose this summer program because I was interested in the topics it covered. Also, I thought it would be great to study in Paris as the city has so many things to do. I enjoy that this program makes a lot of global connections. By having classmates and teachers with different backgrounds and experiences has allowed us to have interesting discussions. This program has allowed me to gain knowledge about energy systems, sustainable development, and energy audits. It has provided me with valuable skills that I will carry into my future career. Also, I have met some lifelong friends within this program. I would recommend this program as each day is engaging and entertaining, and overall it is an amazing opportunity. My favorite thing to do in Paris is have a picnic in the Eiffel Tower park, or just walk around and see different parts of the city.”




Anahi Torres / TEC Mexique

“I chose the ECE Paris-Web Application program this summer 2019 because it sounds like a great idea. The program provides a very complete syllabus for the subject, the professors that were assigned to us had an impressive curriculum, I’ve heard good things about the university and the city is marvelous. Also a relevant issue was that the price was pretty accessible. When I arrive, all the professors were super kind and made us feel welcome, the classes were good and the disposition of the professors is admirable, they truly care about the learning of their students. In this course, I learn about Web Applications, from its basics to the more complex tools, but I also learn how to interact with people from different places in the world, I found friends from around the world, and I practice other languages. I would totally recommend this experience because you can learn about the topic you choose, but also the university and the professors manage the activities in order to get to know other people. I believe this program can make you grow into a better mature person, with contacts around the globe.

My favorite thing to do in Paris is walking around the city, I enjoy choosing a starting point and keep walking , you never know what you can find, but I can assure you it would amaze you. This place is full of wonderful buildings, food, museums, and I can guarantee you always have something you can do.”






Pour plus d’infos : https://summerschool.inseec-u.com/


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