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Témoignage : Cristina Suarez, étudiante Vénézuélienne, nous raconte son expérience à l’ECE Paris




“I come from Valencia, Venezuela. I graduated in 2010 from my hometown university “Universidad de Carabobo” with a diploma in Civil Engineering. After graduating I worked for a year and a half in a construction site as a resident engineer. Then I drastically changed job and started working in a small firm that specializes in office spaces. It was a 180 change for me but I got to learn a lot and since I was given big responsibilities I had the opportunity to learn about project management. After working for two years in the small firm I felt it was time to go back to my real passion, that is, engineering. I always wanted to do a specialization and have the experience of studying abroad. I had come several times to Paris in the summer to visit my aunt and uncle and always felt I had to have the experience of living here. So, I started looking online for programs and I found the Energy and Environment major in ECE. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to “kill two birds with a stone”.

About ECE

At the school I’m following a lot of courses related to energy and also technology. This last topic is very new to me because in my background I don’t have any experience in electronics or programming. So I can say that it has been a bit of a challenge but at the same time it has pushed me to learn about a whole new area and I think that will be very beneficial in the long run.


I have to say that I’ve met amazing people at the school. Since the first day, I met all the international students and we created a very nice and strong group. Although some of them have already gone back to their homes, I have maintained contact with most them and I can say that I have gained friends for life. The same I can say about the guys from “ECE International”. Since day one they have been nothing but warm and welcoming. It really makes a difference when you come as a stranger to a new place and a new life and you have these wonderful people being so attentive and helping you integrate and meet the ECE students.   

About her experience in Paris

So far, living in Paris has been an amazing experience. I really love the variety of events you have in one week and that you never know what crazy thing you’re going to see in the street or in the metro. But, I have to say that at the beginning it was a bit hard. Coming from a Latin culture, you’re used to people being really open since day one. So, of course it was a bit of a culture shock having to adjust to people being more reserved and working a little bit harder to break the walls. But having said that, I think that it is one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most: embracing a new culture. I also have to say that in this past year I’ve met so many amazing and interesting people from all around the world that now, one of my problems is to figure out which vacation will be spent visiting which person’s home country.

The Future

As for my future after ECE I have to say that it’s uncertain. I would ultimately love to go back to my home country and apply everything I’ve learnt here. But, I also feel that since I’m in my young and single years, it’s the time for me to be open to new places and new experiences whether they’re in France or in another country. For the moment my focus is on finishing my masters without any problems.

Any Advices ?

For any student interested in coming to ECE I would say… go for it. It’s a great school full of friendly people, nice teachers and in an amazing city. You even have the bonus that if you love the Eiffel tower, you can see it every day on your way back home walking to the metro station and, if you’re in the right classroom, you can see it from the window.




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