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Information systems



Managing of information is a genuine challenge for companies. It is necessary in order to adapt to a rapidly changing global market and to respond to competition. It also gives an opportunity to create value based on new technology.


The subject matter in this major teaches engineers to analyze, design, build and manage information systems to meet the strategi- needs of businesses while leveraging the latest technologies and methods. The use of data for decision making, modeling and constructing information systems, services and web architectures, security, networks, and artificial intelligence are some of the subjects being taught. The opportunities are numerous in the specialized area of information technology (software, IT services, service providers and access), in publi- service and generally any industry requiring management information or a presence on world markets.


Learning Outcomes

Ability to design and implement information systems to meet business needs using the most appropriate technologies in architecture, decision, intelligence and security.

Ability to solve real problems of both businesses and society using information technology.

Ability to help companies profit from new ICTs and to develop the business function.








  • Project management, Information Systems Architect, Functional Architect
  • Design Engineer, Developer (Web, Java / JEE,. Net, mobile …)
  • Web, security, networking, cloud, mobility, and e-business Technician
  • Project Manager
  • Organizational and strategi- consultant for information systems and processing
  • Production Engineer (Data Center), Virtualization and cloud Consultant