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  • ECE Paris
    Immeuble POLLUX
    37, Quai de Grenelle
    CS 71520
    75725 PARIS CEDEX 15

    Tel : 01 84 14 03 02
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    Établissement d’enseignement supérieur privé, reconnu par l’État, habilité
    par la Commission des Titres (CTI) à délivrer le diplôme d’ingénieur.

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Testimony of marina gutierrez (mother of a colombian student in master 1)


Testimony of marina gutierrez (mother of a… par ECEParis)


It’s a good option to study engineering in France because it is an internationally recognized destination and offers many choices for education. Especially for Latin-American students, France is very viable and it is very interesting for them because of the cultural life that this country offers.


When my son considered studying engineering in France, he compared the curriculum of many « Grandes Ecoles » and talked with people who had already studied engineering in France. Then he decided to enroll at ECE because it is recognized in France as one of the best Engineering Schools.


He found the ECE curriculum very interesting because it develops both academic and practical knowledge. Aside from academic courses, ECE students do internships in companies in France or abroad, these experiences are excellent opportunities for them to develop practical skills.

The quality of the school is recognized by important companies in France. Besides, at ECE research is very advanced in High-technology subjects and it is what companies require.


The students at ECE develop academic and professional skills also because they start to do projects and research from the beginning. In these projects, students can show what they are learning.


I think that Freddy is well integrated in the student life in Paris. It is very important that he is not a number at ECE-Paris because students at the school are really considered as individuals. The students are comfortable because the school supports them in many important matters. This is important because I think if a student feels at ease in a new culture, they have more chances to develop their knowledge and skills.

I believe that Freddy’s expectations are met because the Master’s degree in Engineering is what he expected. It is great!